Telugu Web Series About Doctors

Telugu Web Series About Doctors

When you think about doctors’ web series, you normally imagine hospitals where several doctors provide the best treatment to their lovely patients. You can expect some romance going around the corner and some real-life situations that usually arise in normal hospitals. However, there is a medical web series streaming on AHA, and it is quite different from any other medical drama you have watched. The web series Locked is one of the best medical web series that has been made in the Telugu film industry. You will find several other Telugu web series online if you are willing to check out this particular web series on AHA.

The web series Locked has been directed by Pradeep Devakumar, and the producers are Ram Ganesan, K. S. Madhubala and Shanmuga Raja. The web series features stars like SatyadevKancharana as DrAnandChakravarthy, SamyuktaHornad as Vaishnavi, Sri Lakshmi as PadminiBhamma, Inturi Vasu as Inspector Sivalingam, BindhuPagidimarri as Fatima, Keshav Deepak as DrMisbah, John Kottoly as Kesav and Aberaam Varma as Avinash. This psychological thriller will blow your mind because it is about doctors and dealing with many psychological issues that different professionals may develop. There are many similar Telugu web series online that you will find on the AHA app.

The story is about DrAnand, a very popular neurosurgeon in his field and has been advocating about neurological issues. He teaches students and other psychology enthusiasts about what could be happening inside the brain when a particular person suffers from a psychological issue. He wants to do something for the patients who often face such issues, and he wants to contribute his life towards medical science. He has found some of the best neurological solutions; however, no one knows how he treats his patients. Also, he chooses a completely different method which is quite dubious. The viewers are not at all, given the idea about what doctor Anand is hiding at his home.

Meanwhile, the viewers also come across Vaishnavi, who is working very hard to support her sister, who is suffering from Down syndrome. However, at her workplace, she is facing many issues, and her job is not at all secured. Meanwhile, at home, her sister suffers from a seizure and is admitted to the hospital. She enters Anand’s home along with Padmini, and things start becoming extremely chaotic inside the house. To make matters worse, Anand also brings his depressed friend, and then an Inspector also comes into the house. Many things start happening inside the house, and all the people who entered the house willingly get locked inside. They try to escape the dangers that they are facing inside the house. However, they are unable to do so.

The web series will blow your mind when doctor Anand’s secrets are revealed. You can watch more Telugu movies online on AHA if you are looking for a thriller with an amazing plot and excellent actors.