What is the price and order speed of the large freight forwarders?

What is the price and order speed of the large freight forwarders?

Almost all businesses prefer to take services from logistics companies as their products and material will be delivered on time. If you are also a business owner then you must have use logistic companies, they will transport your goods to the right place in time. We recommend you to visit our site and try our services, all the details of our services and vehicles are available on our site. The best thing about us is that we do pengiriman barang on time so that we will meet the deadlines.

These are few points that are showing the price and the order speed by different vehicles for pengiriman barang:

  • In Jakarta cikarang the deliveree delivered the goods within 1 hour 49 minutes but the Cargo Center takes about 24 to 48 hours. The price of the cargo center is Rq210 k and of the deliveree is Rp270 k but this is for 100 kg goods only.
  • If the weight of your goods is about 1000kg then the price will differ. You have to pay Rp 1.25 million for deliveree and Rp2 million for the cargo center. But if you you use the cargonesia then you have to pay IDR 2.5 million.
  • You have to pay Rp3.45 million for deliveree, IDR 4.02 million for cargo center, Rp7 million for cargonesia if the good is of 2000 kg.

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