The glazes for tiles to renovate the bathroom and kitchen

The glazes for tiles to renovate the bathroom and kitchen

An extremely versatile product that allows you to customize your home environments are the glazes for tiles. By using them, in fact, it is possible to change the look and style of the bathroom and kitchen, quickly and easily, without proceeding with the replacement and dismantling of the old tiles, thus avoiding a considerable expense both in time and in economic terms. Let’s find out in more detail the characteristics of these particular glazes handyman services in Houston.

The finishes available on the market are many, glossy, satin and semi-matte, and the color range is very rich, from the most delicate shades to the most vibrant colors. These particular anti- flaking paints guarantee full and covering color and excellent resistance to humidity and dirt, being designed mainly for service rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens equipped with ceramic coatings.

Spreading the glazes for tiles is a simple operation, since a specific product does not need to be diluted, does not drip and does not require the application of a clinging primer. In addition, they adhere have excellent adhesion even on smooth and non-porous surfaces, just like those of bathroom and kitchen tiles. Once completely dry, the paint is able to withstand bumps, scratches, high temperatures, humidity and washing with degreasing detergents. It is therefore sufficient to apply the product on the old tiles to obtain a highly professional result and a shiny and as new surface.

Tile glazes protect and restore shine to tiles. They also have a chemical component that makes them particularly resistant to scratching and cleaning with detergents. They are very opaque and already with two coats, without applying any primer, they guarantee an impeccable result.

Glazes for tiles: all the advantages

Surely one of the first advantages of their use is to totally renew the bathroom and kitchen tiles without having to demolish the old ones, eliminating the problem related to dust and the disposal of rubble. They are resistant to shocks, scratches, heat, humidity and washing with degreasing products and detergents and are immediately ready to be applied and do not need a primer or dilute. They have quite fast drying times.