A specialized roadside assistance, made up of large-scale wreckers, dedicated to trucks, buses and campers

A specialized roadside assistance, made up of large-scale wreckers, dedicated to trucks, buses and campers

A broken down car can cause road traffic problems and personal problems for the motorist involved. A broken or damaged heavy vehicle , obviously, can cause serious difficulties if stopped on the roadway, both for traffic and safety.

Call the tow truck immediately? Yes, but be well informed, since not all wrecker systems are adequate for the mandatory removal of trucks, trucks or campers, as required by the Highway Code car battery jump-start green cove springs.

It is important that the choice of a roadside assistance service for heavy vehicles is made with specialized tow trucks, cranes and lifting systems, which allow the towing of heavy vehicles to the vehicle repair sites.

Several wreckers are able to tow heavy vehicles up to 60 tons, which are recovered both on sections of urban and extra-urban roads, and through roadside assistance on the motorway , where heavy vehicles circulate more.

If in the case of cars and motorcycles it is often possible to repair the vehicle on site, through the mobile roadside assistance workshop, for heavy vehicles the rescue is made more adequate through removal, as it is really difficult to carry out repair work on site, given the amount of trucks and lorries. Unless the motorway rest areas are used for small interventions, in a preventive manner before calling the tow truck.

Roadside assistance for heavy vehicles

The roadside assistance service for heavy vehicles, for many reasons, must therefore be carried out in an effective and timely manner, in order not to create further inconvenience to road traffic and to avoid situations of insecurity.

Heavy vehicle transport involves picking up and removing from the carriageway, with final destination to a company depot (if nearby) or a depot used for heavy vehicles but, more likely, to a workshop used for the mechanical assistance of heavy vehicles. .

In the case of camper breakdown assistance , it is also possible that the owner can host the vehicle at his home but, more reliably, he will be motivated to transport the tow truck to a suitable garage.

Often the workshops specializing in truck repairs have their own tow truck service for heavy vehicles with roadside assistance, in cases where on-site repairs are possible.